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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I know this belongs to a friend, but then... Yay!

Karpellum finally got in touch. And he's in Sweden of all places. With a Swedish girlfriend he hopes to marry soon. He also hopes to settle there through this marriage. And he's looking much better than usual. He's also looking happy! Great.

Karpellum also brought to the fore memories of the bee. Wonder where he is? Should be back in good ole England by now. But hen, whatever happened to the MBA stuff? If I'm not mistaken, he's probably with some MNC by now, making his mark. But with a father as famous, he's goint to find the ceiling a little difficult to break! All the best though bee. And get in touch soon!

Islami seems to have quit the previous place. All e-mails to him have been bouncing back! Wonder where he is now? It's not like him to disappear clean off the face of the earth. Hope all is well. Apparently, BN too has been having problems locating him!

Among other things, I finally made some headway with the project. Hope all goes well.


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