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Friday, May 21, 2004

Kitchen disaster...

Ever tried marinated veggies? I'm sure you enjoyed them a great deal. Good.

Now, ever tried veggies marinated in Diet coke? Did I just hear you say yeeech! Don't. Cause I have to go home and eat them tonight. Why? Let's just say that the cap on the coke bottle refused to stay put. And since I was the last one to do any drinking from said bottle, I get reap the benefits.

As though to compensate for my lapse, Chanel sprinkled turmeric all over the kitchen floor. Now all I have to do is to wait for the utilities guys to turn off the electricity. Then Chanel and me can sit down for a candlelit dinner, in a kitchen with a yellow-hued reflecting floor and munch on our diet coke marinated veggies.

I'm so looking forward to it that I could puke!

Of other things, Harvey Norman finally seems to have a laptop that I can dream of owning. But even this dream will have to be dreamt only after a couple of months. Just hope I last that long!!


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