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Friday, May 14, 2004

He glares at me glaring back...

Was going through some photographs of little children. This is something that our photographer brought us from a hospital nearby. We need to use if for a brochure that we are developing.

Very few are smiling. Some others are pale and bony. Several others look pissed, and if you saw them, you would agree. But what made me curious was the pointed accusation in the eyes of a few smaller ones. They seemed to be questioning me, the viewer, about my right to invade their privacy.

There's this especially stark one of this chap (the photograph has 'Tamizh Selvam — age 8' scribbled at the back). He's not just looking into the camera. He's glaring at it. A slight pout conveys his displeasure with the intrusion. and furrowed little brows convey his message clearly to anyone who still hasn't gotten it.

Reminds me of another analysis I just read. This one has to do with the Iraqi prisoner photographs. Can't say I agree entirely with whatever the author has to say. But a good read nevertheless.

On another note, a happy snap doesn't make me any happier. But one with a negative emotion leaves me with a miffed feeling.


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