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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

She screamed. Like the friggin Banshee. And all we could do was to bow our heads and take it. Like the meek little lambs we have become. And later on, we purged our souls and our meekness by cribbing to each other over cups of coffee. But the damage was done.

If my daddy were the strongest, I too could scream. But then, I would have been a fatang of the first order.

Speaking of which, the Sheikh is beginning to think like one. He's apparently having hell in Oil land. And that Uncle of his is no real help. Sometimes we make bad choices. The sad part is we have to live our lives ruing them.

Of happier things, Chow Mein and the Mrs. came a-visiting. En route to Shimla. Despite Chanel's insistance, they went all the way to Old Delhi only to return an hour later, poorer by over 500 rupees. Chanel looked really smug as we all sat around the tube. She has the right to!

Anyways, Chow Mein is now part of the inner circle. May his tribe increase.

Kaz san is a darling. And today is officially declared the day Beno's benevolence died. And what a miserable death it was!


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