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Thursday, October 23, 2003

I finally have a job!

After three months of lying on my back, sitting on my butt, calling people like mad, mailing more like crazy, cribbing about HR types, spending money like water, weathering all storms, facing unscrupulous elements, moping quite a bit, making myself miserable, irritating chanel, not keeping in touch with friends, getting to know the city, wearing out my joothis, living in three parts of the city, cursing fate and other un-temptables, ruing my decision, whining like a baby, being down and out and getting really close to curling-up and dying... I finally have a job!

These guys sure took their time about it. And they gave me what I used to earn more than three years ago. And I'm walking around like a zombie, trying to figure out the place, but I'm thrilled cause I finally have a job!

They tested me for hours, made me call for days on end, promised me peanuts and then honoured their promise by giving me the same. But I'm finally Senior Feature Writer!

Who would have thought I would get so desperate!


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