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Sunday, August 03, 2003

The PR exercise is finally afoot!

Lux was the cog who very selflessly went about putting me in touch with the rest of the people. Met Srihari, who's now taken-up Nitin's place here. Then met Tarun who is now doing something on the lines of democracy reform with these guys.

Both of them seem to be enjoying what they are doing. Good.

The next day was a rain-soaked trip to the good old Uni. Met Niru, who is well on her way to becoming the next Shanta Sinha. Pavi's adopted a cute baby girl. Of course I never got to meet him, but heard that he is off with wifey and kid in tow to the University of Pittsburg for a three month stint of lecturing on development in the Indian context.

The snake god was next on the list and he is now inextricably attached to the department. Needless to mention, there are differences galore between him and Satya Prakash, who by the way has secured a permanent position at the Uni. Tirumal is back on the scene, but Sarma is off to (finally!) complete his long-overdue doctorate thesis.

Yesterday and a good part of today were spent with Khan Saheb. Jha was there too, and is now a-la Nirupam wrt to Khan Saheb. No news of the vindictive insect. Last heard, he was faffing his way around Vijayawada on some RFC related work. Solomon too is not to be found. Probably nestling with Sai in Park view. No intentions to get in touch though, so that's that.

Must say Khan Rauf Khan was a welcome change from the boredom, although the circumstances of the meeting were anything but ordinary. Like the saying goes, "Hyderabad mein namoonoon ki kami nahin. Ek dhoondo tho hazaar milthe hain. Nahin dhoondo tho aake milthe hain!" Turned out to be a nice sort actually, despite the creepy exterior and the presence of his snivelling 'phattey'.

BN put me in touch with some fatang who was to take a look at the bike and get me a good offer. Things got off to a bad start when he mentioned that he was unwilling to secure the price I expect, which in itself is not too high. But, hope lies eternal and all that jazz. So will spend the best part of my last week in Hyderabad trying to sell the beast, loathe as I am to do so.

Lux, in his own words, is having a miserable time at home 'due to irreconcilable differences with his father on a wide variety of issues ranging from a broomstick to an aeroplane'. Glad to note that the more things change, the more they remain the same. His results (prelims) are due on the 5th of this month and his fate, (his words; not mine!) will thence be decided.

Finally go to speak with Chanel. Caught her in the middle of a hairy session. Looking forward to seeing her as soon as possible. Seems I'll have to choose between staying with a couple of Meera's friends and a room that the prospective landlord has sought out. At least that should be resolved soon enough.

The tickets are booked, the bags are in various stages of getting packed and my future awaits me. Now all that's left is the sale of the beast and the 1671 kilometres of journey before I reach the promised land..

That of course will be a refreshing new chapter.


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