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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Saw this really psyching film today. Frankly it was all very laughable, but the stuff on screen made me all queasy! Yech!

To rewind, the day wasn't too great. Only bright spot was when Chanel got back from the sick bay. At least she's home now. But she continues to be ill.

The cat is heading home tomorrow. Tried getting hold of a propah ticket and all that jazz, but only managed a wait listed 20. Got to do the early morning, before-the-cock-crows thingie to see if I can secure a tatkal and am hence making use of this opportunity to blog.

I haven't written anything interesting, haven't met the people I have to meet, haven't done anything to ensure that I don't starve next month. In fact, if the truth be told, I have just notched up some formidable expenses for the first week of July.

Met the gochi man himself today! Poor thing ain't having any fun in life. He's desperate for a change and intends getting out of the blue hellhole asap. I wonder why he is still sticking on though? He gave me the logical explanation of if-I-leave-I-will-never-ever-get-a-pie-of-the-money-they-owe-me. Guess it is that way.

My contention however is that the longer he stays there, the more he is increasing his liability. I mean that is one of the reasons I quit. But then I guess to each one his own mode of operating. I'm only glad he's finally taking the plunge.

The idle flower too hasn't gotten hold of any monies, although she's managed to find a new garden. And within a month! Calls for some celebrating which is why I called her up to ask for a treat.

It'll probably be the last in this city!


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