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Friday, March 21, 2003

The last two weeks have been really busy. First, it was all the moonyglow that I've been trying. Some of it is working and Vijay is getting all happy. Then, have been busy with the mad scramble for a livelihood. Been to a few places, met up with loads of people. But feel a dull ache each time I get to hear someone say, "Give us some time, and we'll get back to you!"

Seem destined to be stuck in the BH forever. Think I've got problems? WAR just broke out in Iraq. Dubya man really has lost it. But according to a ppt that smiley sent out, it's all got to do with the arms deal thingie (wink). And the oil (double wink). And the rest of us muffs are just sitting here, freaking out on the Indian cricket team and the mandarin, all so blissful and content with the dandy game we play.

Which reminds me. Seems like a bunch of ppl will be coming home for the finals. Must stock up on the hoggables and guzzleables. Chanel will be pleased. On second thoughts, might just go check out a nice restaurant. Can have the place all to ourself. Let's see.

BN is still morose. The NGO thing however came as a surprise. Him? And and NGO? The guy is really getting lonely. Will be better when he gets here. Which reminds me. The snake Baney has apparently secured some livelihood at Ingersoll Rand. He'll be here too! This is getting to be fun!!

Oh and KK is really, really, really working hard. You must admit it is a wee bit difficult to live and boss over half a dozen people who hate your guts! To his weasly credit, he seems to be managing well - so far. Come April and I get to the nomadic mode of working. It's not like I have a choice or anything. It's one of those corporate blankets that the blessed one seems to throw around with gay abandon. Let's see the attrition chart soar after this one.

30% is a hell of a lot to lose!


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