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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Met Mr. Lange Haare today. Wispy little thing with a hot portfolio. Some neat stuff. A little dynamite. Nice little tangy attitude. Will he fit? Don't know and don't want to venture a guess. For right now, I need someone to get in here. Missy attitude on the other hand was a let down. For someone with a fab resume, she turned out to be a squib with an accent. And she wasn't even sure she wanted to be a copywriter!

Like that consultant said, there are either freshers starting off on a copy career, or fossils looking for a resurrection. Freshers, unless some miracle happens, aren't too kicked by a prospect like TBH and fossils have gargantuan expectations when it comes to monies. Admittedly I sold myself short. But this is really getting to me now.

Where have all the copywriters gone?


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