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Thursday, March 06, 2003

OK. I promised myself I wouldn't start this Blog with a 'Been-long-I-haven't-blogged-for-a-while-now' thingie. And I kept my word. This blog begins with a nice and fine 'OK'!

That seems to be the way life has decided to treat me I guess. For that is how things are right now. OK. So-so. Getting there. Not too hot. Mediocre!! But things ain't really bad either. I mean they could be worse. Like I could be out of a job. Like the being forced to become a consultant thingie could happen any day now. Like the right copywriter, presuming he/she decides to take this grind, might not arrive. Like I could be stuck in a moment forever.

I think the defining moment for me has been when I decided to board the train from good old Kacheguda and get here. Wonder what made me do it? Wonder if things would have been very different if I hadn't winged it out on a whim? Who knows?

I guess there is no solution to the problem. Frankly, I don't think there is a problem. And there wouldn't be a problem if I just stopped thinking. Think there's some problem with that?


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