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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

So there!

This is my first post as a married man!!

Wonder how it feels? Well, not to different actually. And frankly, it takes quite a bit of adjustment. But I'm enjoying it so far. And hope to for ever!!

I don't know if you'd want to know all the gory details of the marriage and anyway I'm still savouring the bliss of married life, so I guess you'll have to do with snatches of thing I feel like posting.

While the travelling really got my goat and my back, Pondy turned out to be just what the doctor prescribed. Never mind the fact that I reached there at an unearthly hour. Never mind the fact that I never got to do my candle lit wine-dinner. Never mind the fact that looking for seafood took up a whole lot of time and effort. Just remember that I now have tons of handmade paper products from the Aurobindo Handmade paper factory and loads of pottery to decorate our house with!

Bubuli was really really helpful. Not only did she get us a pleasant place by the canal for a measly 40 bucks a day, but she spared all her time to take us around and show us the sights and sounds of Pondy. And her mom and parrot kept us entertained all through. Oriya cooking is nice. Especially loved the mustard fish! Yuuummm!

Casablanca and Titianic were where Chanel froke. Admittedly, I did too, but to the extent of pottery. Really wanted the hidesign though. But am glad chanel resisted. Otherwise meandered through the streets and picked up odds and ends. Gawd I wish I had hordes of money!!

And Auroville rules! I want to spend the next year or two making loads of money so that I can get to auroville, start my own farm and retire to a life of rurality. And Chanel can enroll at the University to continue her education. Let's see. These are merely plans and may come to nothing. But one never knows either way!!

Right now, am at work, but that is another story altogether and maybe I will blog when I am not all so nostalgic about other things!


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