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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

After many promises to many people, spread across geographies and regions, I have finally resolved to resurrect my blog. Funny how some thoughts can rankle! Just the other day this writing group that I belong to had a nice little discussion about bloggers and the reasons that make them blog. And there was this one individual who felt that it was a way for bored writers to vent their frustration.

Of course! He didn't use the same words to describe bloggers, but then one got the feeling that writers were a breed apart and that bloggers were merely cheap imitations! But then I guess people are entitled to their opinions!

Many things have happened since the last time I was here. For one, I have finally put in my papers at the blue hell hole. Networks came down to celebrate, Jhonny boy too! In fact, just about everyone who came to know about it either called or personally came down to congratulate me!

Why then do I feel like a part of me is gone forever? Oh, there are a million reasons. The fact that for the first time in my married life I am going to be staring unemployment in the face is just the first. The second of course, is the fact that I don't know, or even have an iota of an idea where money and thereby food for the next month is going to come from. Enough reasons to psyche one up you would say! And you would be right!

What force then made me do the deed? Honestly, it was getting too stifling to stay here. I remember reading once that a copywriter is meant to leave behind a little bit of his/her soul in each piece of work. Of late, my work has been getting more soulless by the day! I wasn't really doing anything creative and worse, I was hating every minute of it.

The final straw was the treatment meted out to us. Consultancy, loss of benefits, lack of pay.... no effort was spared to make us feel unwanted and miserable. All this at a time when the entire industry has actually been looking up. Sometimes I feel that the word 'recession' was invented by an evil mind bent upon substantiating incompetence. But that is the subject of another story.

So what now? Hmmm...

I've made the mandatory rounds of all the big guns. No one is hiring. I've even checked out the minnows. They are not having a ball either. Most places can't 'afford' me while some others won't look at me. To think that a couple of years ago, while still green behind the ears, I was offered a lucrative job with C2A! Lucrative even by today's standards.

Come to think of it, Chanel's been a great help. Vielen dank liebchen!

And yes. Once the green guys work out, I'll be on a roll again!

Till then, I'll try not to die of paranoia!


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