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Monday, May 26, 2003

Twenty days and more have passed me by, Moony has gotten hitched (finally!) I have quit the blue hellhole (must thank network for that moniker!) and the green guys still haven't reverted. Must say I love the freelance life. Wake up late in the morn, without a care apart from the fact that I need to make myself an exotic breakfast. Potter around, read, write, listen to music, listen some more, ruminate, play, read some more, go out, eat, get to Koshy's, sit with a book and a beer, read for hours, meet old friends, chat, gossip, bitch, chat some more, laze, do PC and generally do all the things that I haven't been able to do for so long.

Once in a while meet up with clients, discuss ideas freely, produce good stuff (stuff I can proudly show around!) and make the green. No bosses. No pressure. No hellhole! Tis the life for me.

But this month has not started off on a good note. I haven't yet made what I set out to make. Things haven't all fallen into place. Contacts haven't all materialised into contracts and jobs haven't nearly been cannesesque! But then life goes on.

Sad bit is that Chanel's got some vague Pleuresy or something. Doc says it's like water in her lungs. Scary, but then was told that it is a pretty normal thingie. But nevertheless, a little worried and keeping my fingers crossed. Looks like the lesser you expect something to happen, the more they surprise you by actually happening.

Need a job!


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