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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Let's see. Can things really get any worse? It's a hot Sunday, and here I am, with the gochi man himself, walking the walk on Brigade Road trying to push some corny stickers for a cornier client. And for what? A measly couple of hundreds!

I never had to do something like this even when I was a collegiate itching for a part-time job. Makes me lament the fact that I quit the hell hole without a job on hand.

But things are bound to be better. Today, another person cribbed about the promised land. And the funny thing is the more people tell me bad things about the place, the more confident I am of doing well there. After all, the promised land is where Chanel wants to be at. And I'm sure I'll manage.

Meanwhile, thanks to networks for telling someone about me. Looks likely that I'll make some more moolah before I leave this place.


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