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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Okay then!

This is really getting to me. Three different cities (one unknown) in as many weeks. At this rate I might as well apply for permanent residence in the Indian Railways.

What is it with me that I perpetually end-up having miserable train journeys? Whether I book my ticket a day before or even a month in advance, whether I'm carting an entire library along or making do with minimal luggage, whether I have company or not - train journeys always end up getting the better of me.

This time was no different.

Yup, khadoos was travelling with me, but we only had RAC bookings. So I stayed awake for the best part of the journey. Had these two MBA types sitting across, who kept discussing, of all things this. Of all the dim-witted, done-to-death, miserable work of prose in the garb of management gyan! They droned on and on for a good part of the journey and the mewling infants killed any hope of restful slumber! Add to this the fact that close to mid night, some horny man and his wife had to get into the train to make out near the loo, which by the way, was just 2 feet away from where I was curled up and ready to die!

After that, I just wished I had.

Of better things, the last day in Bangalore went off pretty well. Made my way to the watering hole and waited to say my goodbyes to those who mattered. Fortunately I caught most of them. Later in evening caught up with baney and chow mein. Also met the future mrs. chow mein. She's kind of nice but then....

Packing still remains intimidating. I AM a paper devil. Have close to a ton (literally!) of books and carting them along to the promised land is going to prove to be a financial and logistical nightmare. But I am loathe to leave them behind. Same is the case with the rest of the gadgetry that makes life liveable. But I guess there is no choice

Spent a lot of time with the cat here at home. Feels nice. Bonding and all that. Will stay here a while and gather enough strength to tackle the next gruelling trip.


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