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Friday, October 10, 2003

Wunderman or today?

Six years! Six whole years of burning both sides of the proverbial candle. Six years of writing like a maniac. Six years spent in places like the blue hell-hole and worse! Of bosses, deadlines, bitches, night-outs, ideas, training sessions, clients, more deadlines and some sparks of creativity.

And she thinks I need to re-think my choice of career!

'Your work is good, but we work differently.' That's why I'm there inn'it?

'Nothing really stands out in my memory after having seen all this work!' Yeah right! Two minutes is all it took!

'You know, at high-and-mighty, we have a different process!' Oh yeah? You guys scribble with your feet?

'I don't think you have what it takes to be a copywriter!' Yeah! Which is why people in Bangalore and Hyderabad have deemed it fit to let me handle over 8 crores of business.

'Come back after you have some real experience!' Let me get this straight. Just cause you happen to be married to the dude who own a shit-load of high-and-mighty, you think you're qualified to tell me all this?

'Delhi is a tough market to be in! Our standards are high' Umm.. I wunderman about that? At least, THEY think I'm worth it!

But I wonder how today is going to be?


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