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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Games people play...

Have you seen hear about the Titanic? Well, it is this really humungous ship that, on its maiden voyage, happened to bump into an iceberg, and sank. With scores of passengers. It was touted as being indestructable.

Well, Communications is the Titanic of this place. The second-in-command has already abandoned ship and the Captain is suddenly conscious about being far-sighted. So he plays his cards close to his chest and his line of sight does not go beyond the tip of his nose. Suddenly. Especially after he mesmerised me with grandiose plans and visions of the lands that lie beyond the little island.

The co-pilot is busy plotting her rise up the ladder. And the captain is a convenient foot stool. More power to the likes of her! One office has already launched his life boat and is outa here while the other (who joined us just recently) has already called on more powerful, anchored friends to send in another boat.

That leaves me. I stand here gazing at all else around me moving about and wonder why I lack the initiative or the enthusiasm to do something about it. Sometimes, I wonder if I even care. The ship is slowly sinking and when it does go below the waters, all my dreams will drown with it. And I am powerless to do anything!

If none of this makes any sense to you, don't worry. I'm still trying to gather the threads together. A pattern should emerge soon. I dread seeing the old, familiar one...


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