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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A searching I will go...

Finally! Got that online CV thingie up and running. And in the process, realized that I have a real shabby track record. Speaking of which, these guys should seriously do something about issuing an all-purpose pass for employees. Otherwise it is getting your balls caught in a vice with nowhere to turn, much less go!

The tech man spoke to me again. Surprising. One would think that after nine years in this place, and being a PR to boot, he would have found inner peace. But no. He's got a nice little HDB, a car (beat that!) even a couple of lakhs in the bank, but he still wants to flock back to apna desh just cause he cant take the pressure here. It takes all sorts.

The surprising thing is, I am beginning to feel the same way. While in my case, it is a wee bit difficult because:
1. I have none of the aforementioned to crow about
2. I on the other hand have debts back home
3. There's the small snag with the EP and the tied-in DP
4. Full, not to mention absolute loss of face...

I just realised that the list goes on! So the online CV should help in getting around this thing. Lets see.


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