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Thursday, May 20, 2004

An evening with Chanel...

Scarcely have I gotten the opportunity to walk out of the workplace at 6 in the evening, stroll along the shop-front for a while, wait casually, smoke a cigarette and hope to meet Chanel.

But today it finally happened! I did just that and it was a pleasure to see her. We also went to cheap jack and bought a lovely rug. And then, we went on to the chicken rice place to indulge in a heavenly set meal. Aaaahhhh! Heaven could not have been different, if how I felt was anything to go by.

But then the magic broke. And it was time for me to rush back to work, work and more work. Which is why while Chanel lounges around, lonely at home, I'm still sitting in front of my computer, blogging my woes away.

But everything isn't that bad. Work has it's better moments too. Like today's meeting for instance. The Pam woman proved that she was one step ahead of the proverbial dumb blonde. Take this pronouncement for instance:
"But why do we need to get our pages from Phillipines? Is it because of the cost"

Confused? You would be. All of us gathered there were. This, despite the fact that we knew we were there to discuss a website. Well, it turns out that brainiac here had gotten it into her head that the '.php' extension n the location bar was doing just that. Indication the location of origin of the page! So, she brilliantly figured that 'php' stood for Phillipines!

Saying that I tried to control my laughter and failed miserably would be a terrible understatement. What do you expect me to do? I've been working on all kinds of websites for over six years now, and never, not once have I come across such brilliant reasoning.

I forgot to ask her what she thought 'asp' stood for though. Australia, more specifically Perth?! Some people...


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