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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

How the mighty have fallen...

They came in here with their noses up in the air and a whale sized attitude. They marched in here equipped with tons of gyan and little opportunity to test their knowledge. They breezed into a set-up that lavished praise on them and treated them like gods.

Little did they know what lay in store for them!

A while ago, when confronted by creatures of their kind, I chose to ignore or just pass them by. Of course I burned with jealousy about the unfairness of a system that graded people on the ability to learn by rote and not discover the thrills of learning from experience.

But now, each time I see one of them, my heart swells with pride. I've cut my teeth on the toughest testing ground and I know that I can easily compare with the best of them.

Why then do I lack the sense to try and do it?


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