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Friday, January 03, 2003

Your wallet is burdening you with its heavy karmic load. There is no doubt. Feel the heavy dharma weight of those credit cards.
Which is why I have put my humble wisdoms on the World Wide Web. Goodness knows, poor Chanjindapokit Baktanimbin was once content to merely proffer his humble opinions from The Rainbow Cafe where Mrs Morgan would feed him the occasional lentil burger to stop his soul departing ways with his body.
"But Master," his disciples implored him, "Have you yourself not said that if sheep are not shorn they grow wild and woolly, matted with the lantana bushes of life?" How could a swami refuse? Despite the enormous costs I have placed my wisdoms on the web so all may gain some insight into their inner beings. Look then not upon me as a swami, but as a friendly shepherd come to fleece you. And there is no doubt you need to be shorn. After your fleecing, believe me, you'll feel like a different person. All you have to do is click the little button below, incant your credit card details, and you will be instantly enlightened!
Trust me. I'm a swami. Enlightenment was never closer.

To date, 1 people have donated $0.50 to poor Swami Chanjindapokit Baktanimbin. Apart from the enlightened Mrs Nora Winney from Oklahama City, may you all be dolphins in your next life.

Interesting eh? You have my good friend Islami to thank for this. To visit this 'enlightened' dude just click here.


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