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Monday, December 30, 2002

Saw Mr. and Mrs. Iyer today. Went with Vili, Praveen, Ranjeet, another Ranjeet I haven't met before, Nirmala, Kalpana and Nisha. Wholly CIOL. But was fun in a vague sort of way. During the intermission, met Thomas, Harmeet, Venkatesh and Symbo. Too many people. Too little time.

Film was good, but lost all interest in it after the intermission. Guess the sudden and totally unexpected meeting with Symbo changed the mood for me. Gave him my card though, and told him to keep in touch.

Things were so bad that I actually snapped at Vili for a trivial thing. Feel miserable. Actually, been feeling miserable for a while now. Hope it's not another rut I'm getting into. It's bad enough to feel this way. To feel this way and NOT to be in control of it is Psyching. Punnoose would surely agree...


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