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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

True Poverty

Been really long since I came back here and a number of things have changed.

Am right now in Cambodia at the Children's Hospital (Angkor Hospital for Children) built, developed and being maintained by the Friends Without a Border Foundation. We are here for a video session to capture the good work that these fine people have been doing for quite some time now.

I've seen tears in the eyes of parents who sell their homes, farms and bodies, just so that their malnourished children can get another chance at a sickly life, if at all. I've seen compassionate doctors give up lucrative careers in Rhode Island (no less!) and settle for the heat and dust of this region, just for the sake of global compassion. I've witnessed creative forces combine together to come up with a place that makes this possible.

And utter, desolate, gut-wrenching poverty...


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