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Friday, November 05, 2004


I really don't know whom to feel sorry for. Kerry or the American people. What a bunch of losers! They deserve this and more. The electorate actually backs the jerk's 'security and foreign policies.' Not that Kerry with his ban on outsourcing was much better, but hey! Anyone but Bush.

Thank god I don't have to stay or vote in that country. I would have joined the likes of Michael Moore and cried, drunk some beer, cried some more and probably made a sequel to Bush Family fortunes.

Speaking of which, the camera guy gave me the printouts today. Wonder which part of 'inexpensive' he didn't understand! None of the cameras are below US$ 2500. Which puts them clear out of my reach for the next few decades. But the XM2 is a neat piece of work. Groovy.

Of other things, yes! I apologize. But I wasn't going to put that either in the title or the beginning of this post. It's better here at the bottom. That way both you and me can stop feeling miserable about the fact that the posts have been getting increasingly erratic.

But this situation is likely to change soon... and for the better. I'll cling on to the suspense if I were you. Till the next post then...


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